PVC Foam Door

Corrosion-proof, moistureproof,Wormproof and non-distortion

Because the main material, PVC, can only be slightly affected by acid and alkaline.Water-sucking rate is only 0.5%. So it is quite suitable for the environment of South China with high humidity.


No need adopt natural timber so as to protect the forest source and its environment, as well as do some contribution for the state natural forest source protection. Could represent the development tendency of new materials. Non-paint, non-formaldehyde, no strange smell and Environment-friendly.

Impact resistance

This material is extruded one time under high temperature and high pressure; no any connection or joint on the sheet so as to avoid expansion,shrinkage and craze. When getting the impact from outside force, the air inside the airtight foam can be pressed and resorted so that the outside impact can be amortized completely and avoid the damage. The capacity of impact-resistance is much higher than wooden door.

Good performance on sound insulation, heat insulation and energy saving

Compact foam and hollow structure design is to get good sound insulation result. The design for using sealing strip inside the door block is not only to get slim opening gap , but also highly improve capability for sound insulation and sealing. The foamed door set has lower heat exchanging rate than normal material. High intensity compact crust and a lot of even and minor foam holes are isolated from each other, plus its own hollow structure, to as to reduce the air convection