Mold Center

Profile extrusion die (hereinafter referred to as extrusion die) is the door and window with the production of the necessary equipment, it determines the profile of the dimensional accuracy, appearance, physical properties, determine product quality, production efficiency and cost. In the modern doors and windows with the production of profiles, a reasonable processing technology, efficient equipment, advanced extrusion die is essential three important elements.

Through ten years of development, the company attaches great importance to the investment in production equipment, through the continuous optimization of new technology and the development of new equipment and new products, set up a special mold center, improve the technical content, enhance product innovation, enhance the company's core competition force.

1. Mold Status

The rapid development of the profile company, to the company in 2007 the annual production capacity has reached 600,000 tons, and mold as one of the core technology of profile production, nearly 1,000 sets of mold, basically to introduce on behalf of the European advanced technology TOPF, GES Mainly, a total investment of 400 million yuan.

2. The New Product Design and Research and Development Capabilities

Doors and windows with profiles products as civilian products, product design and R & D level was particularly important, the company independently cultivate a high-quality, comprehensive level of technical research and development team, design and development of products, the end of a reasonable, versatile, The majority of users love.

3. Mold Professional Team

Profile of the company through ten years of development, attaches great importance to the mold technical team training, and in batches to the European first-class professional mold manufacturers training, with a strong technical, rapid response of the professional team and advanced ultrasonic cleaning equipment, High-precision surface grinder, universal tool milling machine, universal tool grinder and lathe, and other mold-specific maintenance processing equipment. High-quality team and high-precision equipment, fully guarantee the mold continued stable production and high-quality products.