History of the Window

In order to shelter, more live lighting, ventilation needs, human invented the doors and windows, from the top of the hole to the hole for the window, the history of the development of doors and windows at the same time record the pursuit of a better life history of people.

In the history of the development of doors and windows products, steel doors and windows is following the wooden windows, steel windows, aluminum windows after the fourth generation of new doors and windows products, it is based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material, plus a certain percentage of stabilizers, Coloring agent, filler, UV absorber, etc., by extrusion molding, and then through the cutting, welding made of doors and windows frame fan, equipped with sealing tape, tops, hardware, etc., and fill in the cavity of the profile Steel lining to enhance the rigidity and compressive capacity of profiles.

Plastic doors and windows with wood, steel, aluminum doors and windows unparalleled watertight, air tightness, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation and environmental protection and energy saving performance advantages, and its excellent physical properties and a variety of product design, More and more become the majority of consumers preferred building windows and doors.