Fabricating Process

According to the actual size of the material after frame fan welding and clearance, cut the glass bead. The assembly should be firm, the docking gap of corner and the matched gap between the bar and the frame or fan should be no more than 1 mm, do not use two bars in one side.

Before cutting, place the scaleplate to a correct scale , check the length and corner of the first glass bead to be cut , after it is in line with the standard, fasten the scaleplate.

Batch cutting should be repeated sample checking in the process to avoid rework caused by scaleplate movement and other reasons. Similar to the main material cutting, the main factors affecting the quality of the glass bead cutting are:

  1. The correct handling practices (equipment performance and the correct use)
  2. Saw blade feed speed
  3. The status of jagged (density, integrity, feed direction)
  4. The location of the hammer and compression situation

Conch profiles Reinforced steel shape is designed based on profile cavity shape, profile type, hardware installation requirements.