Environmental Protection

No hazardous substances such as asbeston, benzene and formaidehyde, and may not generate toxic gases and radiation when i use. Green safe and healthy

Fire Protection and Flame Retardation

The sheets are A1 Non-combustible materials, and may not generate toxic gases and pass flame when in fire. Low coefficient of thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation.

Water Resistance and Moisture Protection

The sheets are have stable properties, low wet expansion and dry shrinkage, and have a good water resistance, moisture protection and frost resistance outside or in humid regions.

Thermal Insulation

In a structure formed of high grade cement and vegetable fibers, the sheets integrated with polyurethane panels, have significant thermal insulation effect, greatly reducing building energy consumption.

Corrosion Prevention and Moth-Proofing

With high-quality materials and advanced techniques, the sheets have fantastic aging resistance, efflorescence resistance, and durability, and may not mildew or rot, resistanct to a variety of insects and ants.

Sound Insulation and Absorption

The sheets have outstanding sound insulation effect, and can be integrated with other accoustical materials to meet various requirements of walls and shields on sound insulation.

Shock Resistance

As partitions, the sheets weight 1/15 as much as brick walls in the same thickness, to effectively decline building costs and have better structural seismic resistance effect.

Light Weight and High Strength

With terrific toughness, the thin sheets can cover arc strctures, simple to build and carry and hard to break.

Weather Resistance

Desified by a 14,000 ton press, the sheets have much lower wet expansion and dry shrinkage, and dramatically higher strength, therefore superior weather resistance embraces a longer life span.

Simple Construction

The sheets are easy to install, no need of plastering, can paint directly, and good for secondary processing such as drilling, edge planing and sawing.